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What Is a Duplex?

A duplex (or 2-plex) is considered a two-family home with two apartments under one roof.  The two apartments are typically separated by a common wall or carport or roof --- making for more privacy and less noise than typical in an apartment building where several apartment adjoin above, below or next to you!   Each of the two apartments in a duplex has a separate entry and driveway, often with a carport or garage.  A duplex usually has a yard large enough for children to play and for your pets!  A duplex can range in size from 1600 square feet of living space combined (800 square feet per side) to as large as some single family homes (2500 square feet with 1250 square feet of living space per side)!  Square footage is considered as space that is air-conditioned and heated.  A lot must be zoned specifically for a duplex building with a minimum size of 7000 square feet, generally speaking.

A duplex is a great choice in housing for people who may want the feeling of the space of a single family home provides, but do not want the price.  For example, an owner could live in a duplex valued at $150,000 for a net effective house payment of about what it would cost to live in one side (rent at about $750 for one side)!   What I refer to as the net effective house payment is what it cost an individual or family to live in one side after deducting the rental income from the other side to offset the mortgage payment.

Thus OWNERSHIP of a duplex can be cheaper than renting!  Not to mention the tax advantages of real estate ownership!