Listing and Selling duplexes in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas

         Sean Little, Broker/Owner Austin Lone Star Realty

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Buying Process

FAQs About Buying a Home

1. Find a Realtor You Can Trust

The First Step in the buying process is to find an experienced Realtor that you can trust and sign a Buyer’s Agent Agreement. This guarantees, by the laws of the state, that your needs are met professionally and represented throughout the entire process of buying your property. Sean Little can provide you with many references written by past buyers and sellers to show the high degree of professionalism and care that he has shown clients in transactions throughout the years

2. Look for a Property

Sean Little can help you search the MLS system and other available sources for properties that meet your criteria. Together you and Sean Little can preview properties and then decide on which properties to visit.

3. Make an Offer

When you find the property that you want to buy, you should present a competitive offer immediately  Sean Little can help you compare the listed price with other sold properties in the area to make certain you are paying a fair price for the property. Sean Little has extensive experience in contract negotiations. Sean will negotiate on your behalf.

4. Go Under Contract

When the seller accepts your offer, you “go under contract.” You want to make sure every detail is handled accurately and immediately. Sean Little will keep in contact with your lender and the seller’s agent.

5. Inspect the Property

Sean Little will oversee the inspection of your property and if needed, negotiate for repair requests. Contract details are further negotiated. Sean Little will work to ensure that your property closes on time.

6. Taking Ownership

Be prepared to bring your checkbook to the closing procedure. You will officially take possession of your property!